From the Assignment Desk.

Every morning, this is my view. Throughout the (very early) hours, the newsroom comes to life. Co-workers trickle in. Lights in the studio flash on, producers jog across the room, computer keys clickclickclick as last-minute scripts are added to the show, directors yell over mics from inside the control room, stories are brainstormed and pitched, police scanners compete (loudly) with each other, phones ringringring until someone decides to answer…. I like the noise. The gradual change from quiet to hustle and bustle.

It all feels a bit different now, from here. It’s new, this view.

I’ve been somewhat promoted.

I was part time when I was first hired, and now they’ve decided to bump me up to full time, with the hopes I’ll be producing my very own half-hour (or hour) of morning news by the summer.

Fingers crossed.

It’s definitely a change. I used to hide away at my cubicle off to the edge of the newsroom. Now I’m front and center of it all. More is expected of me. People look to me for updates and the latest information. I feel…important.

Is that silly of me?

I read somewhere that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you’ve got.

So I’ve even decided to step up my work wardrobe game. Hello, smart dresses and heels (when I can be bothered.)

I mean, that’s how a future news anchor is supposed to dress, right?

Speaking of….the other day, one of our morning anchors came over to the assignment desk, my new home. I thought perhaps I was in a wee bit of trouble for mucking up a script. Since I write whatever scrolls across that teleprompter, I can understand how she might be quite particular about these things.

No. Instead she told me that I write very well, and every morning she wants to come from the studio and tell me so. I was flattered. And then she added that it helps that I’m very pretty. I blushed behind my nerdy glasses.

It’s always nice to get compliments on my skills at work. Some days I worry I’m not doing my best. And then it’s comments like that, or the occasional “Great job!” from my boss, that remind me why I love walking into that newsroom five early mornings a week.

So, I’m settling in well to life from behind the assignment desk. And I’m really enjoying the view.

I couldn’t think of a better place to begin my career. I really lucked out.




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