That’s the cover of my high school yearbook from senior year. I was on the yearbook staff that year.

I loved that theme. Road Trip. It was so fitting for me and my other soon-to-be-graduating peers who’d been on this crazy, awkward, fun, stressful, enlightening, LONG! journey that was high school. I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

And it’s been over for nearly 7 years now. Excuse me if I sound completely silly, but that makes me feel old as dirt.

Nearly a decade has passed since I nearly slipped off the stage after grabbing my diploma? Really?

That means my high school reunion is only 3 years away. Holy shiz.

I can’t help thinking of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (I love that movie, so sue me.)  How they wanted to seem like they’d done something impressive with their lives in the ten years since they’d graduated.

Admittedly, I feel the same.

I know what a lot of my peers have been up to because I still have them on Facebook. Marriages, babies, successful careers, amazing travels…

But what have I done, really?

I hate this. I’m the one always telling people not to compare yourself to others, that you should only be in competition with yourself.

Such a hypocrite.

So basically I’d better come up with something super awesome and spiffy to do with my life in the next three years, just so I can fit in.

Oh look. It’s high school all over again.


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