What Would You Attempt…

…if you knew you could not fail?

The photo is pretty self-explanatory. That’s a pencil case I spotted in Anthropologie. I always find the most surprisingly interesting things in there. I never thought something written on a pencil case would make me think — really think.

It’s a good question to ask yourself. So, what would I attempt if I knew I could not fail?

1. Travel around the world for a couple of years. The obvious flaw in this plan would be lack of funds, but if I can’t fail, why not?

2.  Become an astronaut.

3. End world hunger. Somehow.

4. Play the lottery, but only when the winnings are substantial. Then, give most of the winnings to charity and the homeless.

5. Eat without spilling something on my shirt (for a change).

6. Swim across the Atlantic.

7. Make my parents get along.

8. Actually finish all the novels I’ve started writing over the years.

9. Create the perfect cat-eyeliner look when doing my makeup. The wings never quite match up.

10. Fall in love without the risk of getting hurt.



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