Brokie’s Big Break.

I was offered a job today, in my field (broadcast journalism). An associate producer for the top news station in the area. I’m over the moon. It’s what I’ve been hoping for since I returned home from England over the summer. A chance to get my foot in the door.

They called me Friday to chat, and assigned me a writing test where I had to write news stories based on the information and scenarios they provided. I guess I did alright, because after I submitted it, the executive producer called to schedule an interview for yesterday, 9am. I was extremely nervous. I’m naturally quite a shy, quiet person, and I know for these sorts of things you’ve got to project an image of confidence that I don’t really have. But I wanted a shot at the job, so I told myself I’d do my absolute best.

I drove to the news station at about 8:20am. It was across town during the morning traffic rush, so I thought it’d be best to leave early. (Oh, that’s another thing — I finally got my driver’s license.) I arrived a little early and waited in the reception area. About 5 minutes later, the executive producer came out to greet me. He took me on a tour of the newsroom, control room, and studio. I met the morning news anchors during commercial break, stood behind the scenes and watched as they wrapped up the show with the final segment.

Over the next couple hours, the producer introduced me to people in the newsroom, and left me to chat with them and ask questions. Everyone was really helpful, and I could see that I would definitely learn a lot during my time there. After chatting with everyone and being interviewed by the producer about my experiences and what I hope to get from the position, he told me he’d give me a call the next day to chat.

This morning, he called and asked how I felt about the meeting yesterday, and how I would feel about joining the news team. I eagerly accepted.

I’m really happy at the moment. It feels like things are starting to fall into place. Can’t wait to get started.


6 thoughts on “Brokie’s Big Break.

  1. I’m so glad I get to be the first to like and comment on this post. Congratulations!! I’m so excited for you! I think you’ll do great. Glad you nailed the interview and the writing test. I used to be a magazine journalism major back in the day (before I changed my major); I know it can be extremely competitive, so the fact that you got your foot in the door is no small thing! You are on your way…so happy for you! 🙂

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