Boyfriends, Beaches and the Beautiful Break from Brokedom – Part Two.

He’s been trying to get me into a few television shows for a while. He had success with Orphan Black, I was addicted. Now he’s moved on to Mad Men. We watched the first episode on his new Macbook Air while relaxing in bed. He kept pausing every 10 minutes to make sure I was still interested. I was! He didn’t believe me. Though, secretly, his very presence was distracting me…in a good way. We stopped watching after that, goofed around on Photo Booth for a bit and opted for a mid-afternoon cuddle.

We laid there, wrapped in each other, kissing, caressing…I was floating. He called me “so fucking beautiful.” I blushed. Eventually we dozed off into an hour-long nap.

He never naps, he said. He was surprised at himself when he awoke and realized he’d fallen asleep with me. More cuddles. More kissing. More him telling me how glad he was that we’re together.

He snuggled closer and said “You’re my girl.”

I felt so very special. Gosh! You’re sick of me using that word, I’m sure.

I’d finally been less nervous to show him the ugly scar left on my foot after burning it with boiling water in April. I thought he’d find me significantly less attractive.

He kissed it. And again. Traced it with his lips like he loved everything about that scar. I…can’t even explain how that made me feel inside. One of my ugliest features, yet he embraced it.

This guy…he’s really something.

He must’ve been very tired because he eventually dozed off again. I left him, sleeping. He looked adorable laying there, with his dirty blond hair sticking up everywhere. Partly my fault. I’ve developed an obsession with running my fingers through it. Earlier, he’d said he could lay there all day with me, just doing that. Me massaging his scalp.

“Let’s,” I’d replied.

I told you I’m easy to please.

So, I left him to organize my things, since I was leaving early the next morning. After he woke up, we went out for another trip to the beach. Just a nice romantic stroll this time. The sun was setting and the clouds looked so gentle and soft. We walked for a while, occasionally stopping to kiss. He loves kissing me. And I don’t exactly hate it, either. I still can’t believe someone so damn gorgeous even looks twice at me.

He said, “This will all be over soon,” as we stood holding hands, gazing at the ocean.  I asked what he meant. He said that time goes so fast and hours from now, I’ll be going home. The thought made us both sad. We’d been having such a fantastic time together and neither of us wanted it to end.

We headed back inside. The rest of the evening was nothing you’d be interested in reading about, really. Had some leftover Chinese for dinner, cleaned the kitchen, got ready for bed. Eventually dozed off.

In the night, I remember rolling over to cuddle him in my sleep. He turned and cuddled back. Gently kissed my face everywhere. My neck.  Then he returned to his slumber. It was a very brief moment but it was very cute. I don’t know how I even remember, I was 90% asleep at the time.

I awoke early to make sure things were together, as we were both leaving in a few hours. Showered, styled my hair, applied my makeup. Made toast and green tea for a quick breakfast. Sat, ate and drank while admiring the breath-taking view of the sunrise over the ocean’s horizon. I couldn’t believe this lovely little holiday had gone so quickly.

He said to me that he wished he could take our weekend together and somehow rewind it, to watch whenever he wanted. I felt exactly the same.

After he’d gotten showered and I’d gotten a text notifying me that my train was delayed, we wandered out to the beach for one last time, making the most of the extra few minutes the late train had afforded us.

“I had such a great time with you this weekend,” he told me as his strong arms embraced me. I melted for what seemed like the hundredth time in two days. I really didn’t want to leave him.

We stayed out there for about 20 minutes, packed the car, and said goodbye to our beachside weekend getaway. We were mostly quiet on the drive to the station as Daft Punk played on the radio. It was early, we were both tired. And both undoubtedly reflecting on the lovely weekend we’d shared.

We were early to the station, so waited and chatted in the car until it was near time for it to arrive. Eventually, the horn sounded and the train slowly made its way toward the station. We kissed one more time. He told me again what a great time he’d had and that he’d miss me. We parted. I boarded the train.

It was a long journey. Plenty time to replay the best moments of the weekend over again in my head, with music from my earphones acting as a soundtrack to my memories. At one point, a train employee tried to get my attention as I was lost in thought, gazing out the window. He was a friendly old man, wearing a conductor-style hat on his grey hair. He made a gesture with his mouth and hands that he wanted to see me smile. So I gave him my best.

A few hours later, he stopped by again. He leaned over and said “You know, when you’re just sitting there, you are beautiful. But when you smile, you’re a real knockout.” I said thank you and was really surprised by the unexpected compliment. I’ll assume it was meant in the least-creepy way possible.

So, that was my weekend. I’m home now. Though I don’t feel like the adventure is anywhere near over.

I won’t get too excited about this guy. I know that can lead to heartache. Though, I like the idea that we may just be on to something good. Really really good.


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