Boyfriends, Beaches and the Beautiful Break from Brokedom – Part One.

I’m easy to please, normally. I don’t need to be taken to fancy restaurants, or bought loads of unnecessary presents…but lately, something had been lacking. I desired an adventure, something I’d thought might be behind me since my time abroad has come to a close.

I think adventure found me last weekend. Even though the short time period made it feel like it was just a teeny tiny sip…it was sweeter than anything I’ve tasted like it in recent times. That little taste was a thirst-quencher, and I took a very big swig.

I love train rides. In England I hopped on them any chance I got. They were fairly quick, efficient, got me where I was going. Trains in America are…not as developed, I’ll say. And my train journey up north  this past weekend really dragged. The one-hour delay in Orlando and my non-stop sneezing did not help matters. Oh, allergies. You have such wonderful timing. I was far too annoyed at this point to even have energy to devote to being crazy nervous about my upcoming date.

By the time the train pulled into the station, I was a mess. I tried to keep it together as best as possible. These sorts of things always do this to me, no matter how much it’s established that the other person likes me. So, I got off the train for my extended date weekend.  Two days on the beach at a vacation condo with my current love interest. I felt less nervous as I spotted him approaching the train. No matter how old I get, that “Oh gosh, he’s just so cute” reaction always happens when I see someone I really really like. Especially at the beginning stages.

He was dressed in a light blue v-neck t-shirt and jeans. His soft grey eyes looked pleased to see me, and his lovely pink lips curved upward in agreement.  We hugged, he helped me with my things to the car. We started on the 30-minute drive to our destination town.

As my train was late, we had a bit less time together on the Saturday. We lugged our bags into the condo, admired the stunning view of the ocean just beyond our balcony, and headed to a nearby restaurant for dinner. I was starved. Not a drop to eat all day on my lengthy train journey.  Despite this, I barely touched my wrap and only had half of a shrimp he offered me. I wasn’t concerned about food. I was focused on…him. Absorbing every expression, his energy, his reactions to things I said. Studying him. Wondering. Is he bored yet? Does he hate that we’re here together? I worry. A lot. Too much.

After jerking back to reality from my train of thought (too many train journeys that day, I needed a break), I caught him staring with those gorgeous grey eyes. He told me it’s because I’m just so pretty. I blushed. I found it hard to believe since I’d been sneezing pretty much since I arrived.

He’d brought me some allergy meds, how sweet of him.

We headed back to the condo. The sun was disappearing under the horizon, so we wanted to make sure we made it to the beach before dark. We relaxed and chatted on our sofa, watched an episode of Louie, flirted, giggled shyly. Okay, I was the one doing the giggling.

After a while, we decided to head out to the beach.

It was a beautiful warm evening on the beach. It was just us out there, and the slightly obscured moon shining up above.  I wish I could relive that moment, it was just so lovely. So serene. The gentle crashing of the waves against the shore as we held hands…Giggling and running playfully away from him as the moist sand splashed against my bare feet and the breeze rippled through my blouse….the wind wrapping us in a cozy embrace as he held my waist…kissed my face…told me how much he liked me.

I just haven’t experienced such a moment in…well. I really can’t remember. It was so romantic! Gosh. As much as I’ve been nervous about opening myself up to a guy again…this one was making it pretty hard to resist.


We’d stayed up all night. Talking, laughing…We didn’t get to sleep until 5am. It was the best time I’d had not getting any rest.

He’d finally asked me to be his girlfriend that night. I said yes.

We only slept maybe 3 hours. He always has trouble sleeping anyway. We slowly started our day, getting ready for our short trek to the beach before it rained that afternoon. I could really get used to waking up to that incredible view of the shore every day. Maybe someday…

I was shy about him seeing me in my swimsuit. I’m always self-conscious about my body, and I didn’t know what he’d think after seeing most of it in the blinding, unforgiving sunlight. I slightly chickened out and opted for a cover-up shirt over my suit.

I couldn’t help but find it adorable that his face was covered in white strips of sunscreen. He burns easily. We headed out to the beach, across the walkway, over the dunes. The weather was perfect. Extremely hot, bright, breezy. Even the waves appeared to be dancing in excitement at the awesome weather.

The warm sand felt inviting to the soles of my feet as we searched for a spot to put our belongings. We plopped down on the shore, chatting and laughing as usual. I could see the reflection of the sun and my smile in his aviators.  After a brief rest, we went into the waves. The water was slightly cool, a contrast to the rest of our surroundings. I’m not much of a swimmer when it comes to the beach. Especially when I’m on what was technically a date – I had to find a comfortable balance between looking cute and having fun, which meant getting no saltwater in my hair!

We bounced around in the waves, trying to dodge the bulk of the impact. Though, sometimes we were busy talking to each other and missed the impending giant walls of water that were about to knock us nearly over. Needless to say, my hair did not remain dry.  The brief rain shower did not help matters.

Luckily, he did not care. And I realized I didn’t need to, either. It was only the beach, after all.

We moved closer as the waves splashed around us. His hands around my waist, my sunglasses reflecting directly into his…he kissed me.

Gosh, his kisses. That’s a word I’ve gotten from him – gosh. He often says it. And now I find myself thinking it anytime he touches me.

The rain started to come down softly over us, but we noticed it was only a tiny cloud. We tried to dodge the cloud by walking further down the beach in the opposite direction. It worked. We sat in the sand for a bit and discussed his theory of whether clouds were just alien space ships disguised as non-threatening fluffy sky décor.

I love talking to him. I feel like any old nonsense can come spewing out of my mouth and he won’t think I’m a total idiot. It’s nice.

Since he’s sensitive to the sun, we went back to the condo briefly to give him a break from it. Then we went swimming in the pool. The water wasn’t nearly as nice as the ocean, but it was relaxing, just floating there, resting on the wall, talking about the most random things. For someone who doesn’t enjoy verbal communication too much, I find myself speaking more freely around him than anyone else lately. He makes me feel comfortable.

I glanced at the clock near the pool and couldn’t believe it wasn’t even quite 2pm yet. I’d forgotten how early we’d started our day. I should’ve been exhausted from lack of sleep and lots of sun. But his energy made me feel rested. Is that too cheesy?

He, on the other hand, was very tired. It was past lunch time and all the heat had worn him out, so we ordered Chinese and stayed in. I started to feel a teeny tiny bit sleepy, so I showered and had a brief nap in bed while waiting for the food to arrive.

Not sure how long I was sleeping for, but I was awake enough to hear a whisper behind me – I couldn’t quite hear what he said. Something about “when she’s sleeping.” I woke up, turned over and asked what he’d said. “Aww, she’s so cute when she’s sleeping,” He was whispering to himself. I’d asked if he’d been standing there watching me nap like a total creeper. He thought I was serious, apologized and said he’d literally just walked in to check on me.

The food arrived. We ate at the table, chatted while munching on sweet and sour and sesame chicken. We both got stuffed pretty quickly.

As we cleaned up our mess, I realized I’d forgotten about the fortune cookies. Mine read: “Your happiness is before you, not behind you! Cherish it.”

I’d like to believe that’s true.


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