Novocaine Nostalgia.

Never have I been so willing to impress a man with how wide I can open my mouth. I’ve had maybe four or five little pricks in there this week, all of which were extremely painful. But after a few minutes, I felt absolutely nothing.

Fillings and root canals and extractions, oh my!

I do hate dental visits.

(I know that dentists no longer really use novocaine, but for alliteration’s sake, bear with me.)

I’m really not into having people all up in my personal space like that. And the gaping mouth expression is probably not my most attractive look. One of my dentists is so rough. And has absolutely no respect for my carefully applied makeup. I mean, forearm just chilling on my forehead like it had an invitation or something. I’ve learned my lesson: sans makeup to the dentist from now on.

Though, I do like those few minutes when Mr. Dentist has left me alone to wait for the painful shots of anesthesia he injected in my gums (for the second time in a week and a half) to work its magic.

It’s a good time to look back on things, lounging in that dentist chair. The most random things cross my mind with that bright light shining down on my numbing face. It almost sort of sets the mood. The perfect opportunity for life reflections.

Some memories evoke strong feelings within me, and others….well, when I think of them, I feel about as numb as my face. I feel nothing. Those are usually the ones I’d much rather forget.

Today, as the dentist and assistant poked around in my grill while discussing plans to visit Rocco’s Tacos this weekend, I thought about how at all my appointments recently, I’ve been asked when I’m going back to school. Fall semester is just around the corner. I keep having to say, “I’m not in school,” “I’ve finished, actually,” or “I’ve graduated.” They don’t think I’m headed back to college, either. “You’re 24?! I thought you were in high school! You look 16!”

I’ll be grateful for these kinds of conversations as I age, surely.

The more I explain that I’m not a student anymore, the more I realize, “Wow, I’m not a student anymore.” It’s been a huge chunk of my identity for the majority of my life. And now, it’s….not. Bye-bye, discounts at the cinema, or on travel, or anywhere else, for that matter. Until I’m 65 or something. :/

Anyway. Third appointment this week. One more to go in the near future. I hope my decaying tooth doesn’t freak out my date this weekend.


10 thoughts on “Novocaine Nostalgia.

  1. I hate going to the dentist too, and in my life I have only ever had to have cleanings! Those alone freak me out. The sounds of the metal scrapping your teeth…it gives me shivers just to think about it.

  2. Good post, your introduction is hilarious! A really good point about life reflections whilst sitting in the dentist chair as well, I have experienced that many a time.

  3. Ha, that first paragraph had me in stitches 😀

    Aaaahh the dentist face numbing fun. Nothing is as attractive when a numb mouth attempts to drink…oh the droolage factor!

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