Not a real word, by the way. But if “bootylicious” can make the dictionary, then so should this mofo.

What’s the deal with everyone’s smartphone obsession? I was waiting for my eye exam earlier, and a quick glance around the waiting room looked like we were at church during prayer rather than waiting to get our eyes checked. Every single person had their heads bent down, hands messing about with their fancy pieces of technology. Maybe if their eyes weren’t so often focused on that bright little screen (or big screen, for all the tablet/Galaxy users), they wouldn’t be waiting to get their eyes sorted out. Just a thought.

Anyway, so they were all texting. Save for one woman. She was using hers to hold a conversation. I was the odd one out, being the only one without a smartphone in hand. I had my phone on me, but I was too lost in thought about things to play around on it. But then I started to feel funny about being the only one not texting or begging for Candy Crush tickets, whatever those even are. So…I pulled my phone out.

I felt as though I was going against the social norm by simply…sitting there. It’s pretty common though, isn’t it? People’s eyes glued to their devices at all times. I recall being out for a meal with friends in England one afternoon. I’d had trouble getting my American phone working with an English sim card, and Skype worked just fine on my phone’s WiFi, so I never really used my phone the 5 months I was there as a visitor, except to call my family back home. I quite enjoyed the break from constantly being attached to the thing, because yes, I used to be one of them. So, I just sat there, phone-less, as was the norm for me.

Waiting for our food, the three of them were “bowed in prayer” over their phones (not sure what a phone prayer to the Gadget God would consist of, actually…”Please, almighty phone-ly father, please let that last Instagram go through. My followers absolutely need to know about the delicious meal my hubby just made me, it would make their day if they could just see this filtered foody goodness oh please Lord….” I digress.). I just sat staring at them until I asked if anyone wanted to actually communicate with any of the lovely people sat at the table.

I mean, was that rude of me? Or are people in such situations rude? Or, since it’s pretty much accepted behavior now, does that mean traditional manners go out the window and it’s totally cool to ignore the person sat next to you who’s taken time from their busy schedule to be in your presence, just so you can tweet to the world about what you’re not actually doing, because you’re too busy tweeting about it to, you know…do it? Has this new addiction replaced face-to-face interaction? I mean, why actually verbalize a thought to your buddy sat there on the bench when you can share it digitally with him/her and hundreds of others simultaneously, at the click of a button!?

I don’t know. I’m the last person who should be judging people’s social habits, anyway. I guess this is the new normal.


17 thoughts on “Smartphonophilia.

  1. What did your friends say back to you?

    I think it’s rude if you’re with someone & all they’re doing is messing about with their phone. Fair enough if its an emergency call. But if not, stop living your life through a gadget and actually live it.

    It may be the norm, but if anyone I’m with is more interested in their phone than talking to me, then damn, I’ll wind them up until they have to come off it πŸ™‚

    Saying that if you’re in a group and the odd one or two are ‘praying’ away then that’s fine. To leave someone out, nah not cool

    Haha rant over

    • Well by that time, the food had arrived so we went back to socializing like normal people. I agree, it can be very rude. It’s happened on a few occasions when I’m out with someone trying to have a chat and they’re too busy texting away :/

  2. Reblogged this on The Bipolar Place and commented:
    This post covers a pet hate of mine. Let me know what you all think of people ‘praying’ to their smart phone god in the company of others?
    Check out other posts in this blog too. It’s really good

  3. Your sense of humor made me an instant follower. People have learned to walk without raising their head. We probably have extra neck muscles. I finally bought on of those pay as you go smart phones, but I was so anti-smart phone that I feel like a damn fool with it. I purposely didn’t get an internet package, so I have wifi at home. My friends don’t understand why I don’t want to hangout with them. It’s not really hanging out when everyone’s on social media instead of conversation with the people in the goddamn room. Anyway, awesome post, much love!

    • Thank you! Haha, we probably do have extra neck muscles! I think most people just feel the need to always be “connected” nowadays. Maybe we forget the most important connections might be the ones right in front of our faces. We’d notice if we looked up every now and then!

  4. OMG!

    It really is! Friends and family go crazy at me for not answering my mobile 24/7.

    Right now I’m blogging off it as I’ve moved and I don’t have a connection just yet. But, I’m as guilty as the rest waiting for appointments. Everyone is either talking or playing with their phones. I so feel silly just sitting there…Yikes! Its really is a strange world we now live in. Hugs Paula xx

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