Life Lessons from My Driver’s Handbook.

You will be expected to perform the following maneuvers in life:

  • Shift Gears: Life is all about transition. It’s always best to try to make them as smooth as possible. You’ll know what’s right for you at any given time. If you decide you want to just go for it, put it in drive (but don’t go too fast). If something feels not quite right, you can always remove yourself from a situation by simply taking a step back and putting yourself in reverse. In my opinion, it’s one of those few occasions where it’s okay to look over your shoulder in life.
  • Observe Right-of-Way: You may or may not have figured this out by now, but there are other people on this planet living their lives just as you are. The universe doesn’t revolve around you, so make sure to give others a chance to shine sometimes, whether you know them or not. Do something kind for them, support them, encourage them. And should the time come for them to leave your life, simply let them pass on by, don’t obstruct their way.
  • Stop Quickly: Sometimes, things pop up seemingly out of nowhere. You can’t avoid it it. What you can do is pace yourself so you give yourself plenty of space to come to a sudden halt in case something unexpected comes at you.
  • Obey Stop Signs: Sometimes in life, we’re too busy enjoying the ride, or so caught up in a potentially dangerous situation that we miss the obvious signals to just stop and really evaluate what’s happening to us and around us.  Be sure to pay attention to your surroundings, it’s always good to slow down every now and then and take a breather.
  • Signal and Turn: There are few things more annoying than someone who doesn’t know how to indicate! In life, this could mean anything from giving someone a heads up if you can’t make it (on time or at all), or letting a love interest know you’ve lost…well, interest, before letting them invest time in you. No one likes a flake. It’s just common courtesy to give some kind of notice when things change.
  • Follow at a Safe Distance: Just as you shouldn’t drive too closely behind other vehicles, it’s probably also not the best idea to tailgate people in life. You might find that you don’t like where you’re being led, and you never know how suddenly things might come to an abrupt halt and change forever. Keep a safe distance so have your own space to grow. It also gives you plenty of time to spot any danger ahead.
  • Stay in Proper Lane: Be your own person. It’s perfectly okay to find influences in others, but always remember that you’re unique, you’re special. You’ve got your own lane in life, your own path in which anything you want to happen, can.
  • Use Proper Posture: You can’t go confidently in the direction of your dreams if you’re slouching your way through every situation. Confidence is key. Back straight, chin up, eyes forward. If you want to show others you’ve really got the drive, no slumping over that steering wheel!

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