31-Day Blog Challenge Day 6: My 5 Senses Right Now.

Smell: I’ve just showered, so I smell the scent of the Bath and Body Works shower gel that lingers on my skin. It smells of “a positively sexy blend of juicy guava, sparkling pear and creamy vanilla musk,” according to the bottle.

Hear: “Time Is Running Out” by Muse is playing on Pandora. In the background, there’s the low hum of the ceiling fan and the clicking of the keys as I type.

Taste: I’m sipping on my fourth mug of chamomile and green tea. I’ve gotten in the habit of mixing teas lately. And overdosing on it, apparently.

Touch: My keyboard, occasionally my phone, and I’m sat on my bed.

See: My computer screen. If I glance around, I spot my freshly ironed clothes for my first day of interning tomorrow, my tea mug, and a copy of Walden Two.


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