31-Day Blog Challenge Day 1: Intro and recent photo.

I’ve been meaning to start this challenge a week ago. No time like the present, I suppose. So I’ve decided to do this 31-Day Blog Challenge to get myself to post more. And the daily topics seem interesting enough.

So, my intro. I’m 23 for another week or so, I’m an unemployed (definitely hoping that changes soon)¬†university graduate , and I enjoy writing more than most things. I really don’t know why I didn’t start blogging sooner. Probably because I was too busy jotting my thoughts in journals assuming no one cared what craziness was running through my mind. I only started blogging this year. I have three. My first is one I no longer update because my living situation has changed so I thought it pointless to continue. I also have a poetry blog.

I’ve really enjoyed reading blogs posted on this site, there are so many topics that interest people and I learn something new from each post. I don’t think anyone will learn anything of interest from whatever I write, and that’s okay really.

Here’s a recent photo. I quite like that it came out so unfocused.


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