It’s funny to think….

….about how everyone has a story. When I see strangers walking through Wal-Mart or wherever, I sometimes wonder what theirs is. You don’t see their experiences written on their faces, and they don’t wear their history as garments.

Sometimes I imagine that, inside their shopping carts, squashed beside the oversized cereal  boxes and bottles of cheap shampoo, there are invisible suitcases. The baggage they’ve carried with them throughout life. I have them. You have them. All our hopes and fears and dreams and achievements, our proudest moments and most shameful. All stowed away (neatly or messily, depending on who you are) within these suitcases. And the older you are, the more life experiences you’ve got to lug around. Though I don’t think it’d be necessarily correct to assume age correlates with the weight of those experiences. I know people far younger than me with the heaviest luggage of all…

Anyway, it’s just a random thought I had.


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