It’s so warm in here…

….that I’m considering sleeping naked tonight.

The trouble with blogging about my life is that I never quite know what to talk about. I always feel that whatever I type has to have some sort of meaning, or else no one will be interested. I suppose I should stop thinking this way, or else I’ll never churn out another post. I worry far too much what people will think. 😦 So I’ll just type whatever comes to mind.

I think the jet lag is getting slightly better. Slightly. Usually when I fly from Europe to home, I wake up ridiculously early and get tired very early in the evening. The only good thing about this is for one week in my life, I actually manage to be productive before 8 a.m.

This does not last very long. I am not a morning person.

Besides that, I’m settling well back into home life. It’s nice not to be on the go all the time. I’d been traveling for pretty much a week straight. Bouncing around England saying my goodbyes. Then bouncing across the Atlantic. And finally, bouncing back and forth to Orlando. I’m exhausted. I’ve melted into my bed sheets and pillows each night since I got home. I’m taking it easy, it’s nice. The weather is perfect, I’m hoping to get to the beach this week. I’ve missed it.


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